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Raven-Winged Hours Callbacks

Updated: May 10, 2023

Thank you to everyone who participated in our auditions. It was a true joy to work with so many talented artists. We have emailed our callback list for Raven-Winged Hours.

For those of you who received a message to come to callbacks, we will once again be at Berkeley United Methodist Church in the Sanctuary from 7 PM -10 PM. We may not go this whole time, but we want to give Chris plenty of time with you. We'll have snacks and food to keep your energy up, and you'll have breaks to rest while other people work.

We have added 3 new sides for the callbacks to be able to explore some other characters. The first 4 sides are the same, so scroll past those in this document to find the new ones.

Raven Callback sides
Download PDF • 98KB

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