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Character Descriptions and Sides for The Three Musketeer Auditions.

Updated: May 8

The Three Musketeers is very much an ensemble piece. Nearly every actor will play multiple characters and most with also have opportunities for stage combat. We are open to casting against type and gender for all characters. No roles in this production have been precast. We did have some actors help us create promo videos for a fundraiser, but they are auditioning for the production like everyone else.

For the audition sides from the play, click below. These are a from new adaptation written by Jennifer Rose Davis and are in Shakespearean verse structure.

*Please note some of the sides contain intimacy in the scene directions. We do not require any intimacy for audition purposes. Please discuss anything like hand-holding or polite hugs with your scene partner before your audition and make sure everyone consents. Please no kissing, inappropriate touching, or nonconsensual touch because those things will make sure you are not cast.

Three musketeers Cast descriptions and Sides
Download PDF • 192KB

We are looking for 12 actors, two swings, and two stagehands who might be open to some background acting and possible stage combat. All positions will be paid a stipend.

Actor 1 –

D’Artagnan. A young, brash, ferocious adventure out to make their fortune. Excellent fighter and rough and ready wit.


Actor 2 –

Athos - An older, world-weary jaded, and taciturn individual with gentility and drunkenness oozing from their pores.

Patrick – Secretary to The Duke of Buckingham.


Actor 3

D’Artagnan’s Father – Cantankerous old Gascon reliving their younger days.

Porthos – Brusque, jovial, friendly, and rather vain, Porthos is always the life of the party. Not always as quick-witted as the other musketeers.

O’ Reilly – Elderly craftsperson in the court of The Duke of Buckinham. Very precise and careful.


Actor 4

Aramis – Ridiculously handsome, chivalrous, smart, and aesthetic, Aramis is the moral center of the Musketeers.

The Duke of Buckingham – The rockstar head of state of England. They are better dressed, more handsome, and more politically savvy than anyone except for their romantic attachment to Anne of Austria.


Actor 5

First Marquis – a fop and toady who mocks those below his station.

Cardinal’s Guard (Jussac) – older and wiser leader of the Guards who likes to use his position to control others. Excellent fighter.

Cardinal Richelieu – A ruthless force of nature and politics who is the power behind the throne of France. They truly believe their machinations are for the good of the country though they care little for the people caught in their web of deceit.

Assassin – ruffian who attacks the Musketeers en route to England.


Actor 6

Second Marquis - A fop and inveterate gossip who will mock anyone at any opportunity.

King Louis – The young and slightly ineffectual king of France who is often overdressed overentitled, and underprepared for what faces his country.

Cardinal’s Guard – Some fighting scenes

Commissary – Comically dry servant in the Cardinal’s dungeon

Stranger/Assassin – Supposedly drunken lout who attacks Porthos on the trip to England.


Actor 7

The Comte de Rochfort – Sarcastic, Smart, Vicious, trapped in service to a person who treats them as less than they deserve, and desperately in love with Milady because they are kindred spirits in both vengeance and cruelty.

Cardinal’s Guard (Biscarat) – Ferociously defiant and funny in the face of danger.

Actor 8

Cardinal’s Guard - Some fighting scenes

Monsieur de Treville – older, minor noble father figure who is both kind and fierce in the protection of his Musketeers. A person with both a sense of pride and enough humor to balance it.

Planchet – comically inept and sincerely trying at their first position in service.

Assassin - ruffian who attacks the Musketeers en route to England.


Actor 9

Milady de Winter – A person who has been deeply hurt and now hurts others preemptively with exquisite cruelty. A seductive master manipulator with a dark and violent past who uses their talents ruthlessly in the Cardinal’s service.

Donna Estafania – A waiting woman in the Queen’s service who has become a spy for the Cardinal.


Actor 10

D’Artagnan’s Mother – Older, fussy, and somewhat histrionic.


Anne of Austria – Noble but not always wise with their affections, Anne is almost a prisoner in the court of France with a spouse who does not love them but yet is jealous of them. They have been a pawn in the hands of others their whole life.

Assassin -- ruffian who attacks the Musketeers en route to England.


Actor 11 –

Barmaid – saucy tavern server with a kind smile.

Constance – A young and idealistic servant to the Queen who was sold into marriage to a much older spouse. Constance longs to experience romance, help her mistress, and become a part of a much greater world than the drudgery of home and court life allows.

Assassin -- ruffian who attacks the Musketeers en route to England.


Actor 12 –

Host – Your basic genial Innkeeper who caters to aristocrats and tries to keep on their good side.

Monsieur Bonaciuex – elderly, cowardly, comical, covetous, and jealous, M. Bonaciuex is no match for his young wife politically, mentally, or emotionally. He is merely an old man troubled with wind and little conscience. (This role has no stage fighting)


Actor 13 – Swing, Cadet/Musketeer, Grimaud (Athos servant), Cardinal’s Guard, Servant, Assassin, Party Guest

Actor 14 – Swing, Kitty, Cadet/Musketeer, Cardinal’s Guard, Assassin, Party Guest


2 Stagehands – Cadets, Cardinal's Guards.


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