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The Three Musketeers Auditions (May 10-14)

Updated: Apr 29

Auditions for The Three Musketeers will be May 10-12 at Berkley United Methodist Church (F) and Austin Scottish Rite Theater (S and Sun) with callbacks on Tuesday, May 14 at the director's home.

The auditions will be our slightly unusual format where you get to play against another actor (more like a call back than a first audition). You are welcome to sign up with a friend. Audition slots will be 15 minutes. We only work with local Austin talent and all cast and crew positions will be paid.

The show will be rehearsing in July and August and running in August/September. We'll be looking for 12 actors and 2 swing actors. Most roles will include stage combat. For more information about specific roles check the character descriptions and sides blog post.

We are open to inclusive casting for all roles in the play and highly encourage actors of all races, ethnicities, genders, and nonbinary/gender non-conforming to apply for the roles they love. We are attempting to write our character descriptions in a non-restrictive way, but please pardon the Monsieur and Madame titles that are written in the original play. These will be changed in the final production to match the actors cast in the roles.

The show will be historically and elaborately costumed and staged in the mid-17th century to match the setting of Alexandre Dumas' play.

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Is Kyle considered local Austin or do I need an Austin address?

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