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Roaring with Moll Cutpurse: A Staged Reading - July 12-14 2024, The Stage Austin

First out of the gate this year, we’re presenting a workshop version of a new play called Roaring written by Kathleen Fletcher and Directed by Trace Turner. Roaring explores the life of Mary Frith, a.k.a. Moll Cutpurse, a fascinating late Elizabethan performer and actor who defied gender norms and was immortalized in The Roaring Girl by Shakespearean contemporaries. Known for being one of the first “women” on the Elizabethan stage, they were famous for their male attire, comic and musical showmanship, seedy shenanigans, and bold defiance of societal norms. This rollicking play will be produced as a costumed staged reading with live music in early July and then as a full production in the spring of 2025. Join us at the tavern in July and explore a different side of Shakespeare's London.


Mary Frith, known as Moll Cutpuse, was an amazing character at the end of Shakespeare's era who inspired the play The Roaring Girl by Thomas Middleton and Thomas Dekker.


Moll is always ready for a good sword fight.


Moll reigned supreme over the seedy taverns and dark corners of London life.

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