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Napoleon Bonaparte (Michael Rodriguez) watches The Mysterious Woman (Maggie Thompson). Photography by Steve Rogers.

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Who was Napoleon before he became an Emperor? Find out in this hilarious, intimate comedy by George Bernard Shaw. Join us in a historic 18th-century tavern setting for an evening of raucous, witty fun and watch the ultimate battle of the sexes. Will Napoleon be defeated before he even embarks on his career of conquest? Framed with a new translation of the sultry letters of Napoleon to Josephine, and served up with a liberal side of romance, this is the perfect Valentine’s gift for your special someone.


The Man of Destiny was a co-production between The Archive Theater and Pioneer Farms that took place in February 2020. The play ran February 6 - 29, 2020 on Thursdays through Sat at 8:00 pm and Sundays at 5:00 pm in Wessels Hall at Pioneer Farms. There was a special Industry Night on Wed Feb 26th. We also had a special Educational Performance Thursday Feb 20th at 11:00 am.


The Doors of our tavern opened 30 minutes before the show with games, refreshments and live music entertainment. We welcomed patrons who came in 19th century costume to increase the interactive experience.

The Man of Destiny Photography by Steve Rogers Photography. The Man of Destiny video by Jose Lozano and Magic Spoon Productions


Napoleon has a moment of introspection in from of the French flag. Photography by Steve Rogers.

Archival Photos of The Archive Theater's Production of The Man of Destiny from February 2020 by Steve Rogers. ©2023 by The Archive Theater.

Archival video of The Archive Theater's Production of The Man of Destiny from February 2020. ©2023 by The Archive Theater. Video created by Magic Spoon Productions.

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