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The Ghosts of Christmas Past, Nov/Dec 2023, Pioneer Farms

During November and December, The Archive Theater will bring you a Victorian Christmas in all its spooky glory. The tradition of gathering around a crackling fire to share thrilling tales of the supernatural goes back to the dawn of time and Victorian writers were masters of the genre.  Enjoy a family-friendly production while you enjoy authentic plumb pudding, spiced cider, our lively in house music, and deliciously spooky tales. Be on your best behavior, because the Krampus might be visiting. We hope you’ll join us for The Ghosts Of Christmas Past (absolutely no part of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol will be included).  


Look for Auditions in July, and Tickets to go on sale in October.


Pioneer Farms is one of the most haunted places in Austin. This delightfully frost picture was taken during last year’s snow.


Victorian Christmas Traditions


Caroling and Christmas Games

Archival video of The Archive Theater's Production of Cyrano de Bergerac from September 2019.

©2019 by The Archive Theater. Cyrano de Bergerac Translation ©2019 by Jennifer Rose Davis.

Video created by Magic Spoon Productions.

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