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Auditions for Macbeth, coming June 10-13, 2022

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Welcome to The Archive Theater’s Macbeth Auditions

Audition Dates:

Auditions for Macbeth from The Archive Theater will be June 10-12 at Berkeley United Methodist Church at 2407 Berkeley Avenue, Austin Texas 78745. Callbacks will be Monday, June 13 at the same location. To sign up for auditions, please click here (Through Signup Genius. Open after May 12). Please also email your resume and headshot to our stage manager here.

Auditions will consist of prepared readings of sides from the play. To read/download the sides, please click here. Auditioners will work in pairs in order to have someone to play against. We encourage you to communicate with your friends and sign up in pairs with people you enjoy working with. For those who sign up solo, we will have people available for you to read against. We are only casting actors local to Austin, TX, and the nearby suburbs. If you are not within a 45-minute driving distance of Austin, do not sign up. Casting companies do not pick up this audition notice.

In order to audition, you must show proof of vaccination or a negative PCR COVID test taken within 48 hours of your scheduled audition time.

About the Play:

This telling of Macbeth is set in post-Civil War Appalachia in the mythical county of Scotsland, Kentucky. It will be a period-appropriate production with costumes, props, music, and sets inspired by historical references from the 1860s. We will be performing in the round in the 100-year-old dance hall at Pioneer Farms. Performances will be affected by outdoor temperatures and actors should be prepared for summer weather. This is NOT a play about the Civil War or slavery. It is about power and its effects on all touched by it. It is also about Passion and Loss. Our quest is to humanize this legend in a time and place closer to our modern lives. The play will include live music, stage fighting, and dancing in which many of the actors will be participating. Vocal or instrumental talent will be valued in the audition process.

Who we are Looking For:

We will be auditioning for 12 Performers and 2 Understudies who will play 28 Characters.

Our plan for the casting is that these 14 performers will consist of 6 men, 3 women, and 3 roles that are open to any Gender. We are looking for one male understudy and one female understudy as well who will be possibly called to step into multiple roles should any of the cast be taken ill. We will also make sure that the understudies have some performance time scheduled within the run. All actors and understudies will be paid a stipend.

Character Descriptions:

Most roles will call for a basic level of dancing and choral singing in addition to the descriptions below.

Ensemble 1 (Open)

Witch 1 – A mystical person, Strict and Stern a mix of wisdom and vengeance will require singing, and choreographed movement.

1st Murderer – sour and savage, requires stage fighting

Doctor – benevolent and thoughtful

Ensemble 2 (Female)

Witch 2 – A wild and slightly insane person, a mix of otherworldly and sorrowful, a psychic channel, will require singing, and choreographed movement.

Servant - an innocent pawn

2nd Murderer - spiteful and vicious, requires stage fighting

Ensemble 3 (Female)

Witch 3 – A haunted person, a mix of memory and fear. Will require singing, and choreographed movement.

Old Gentlewoman – a senior sage, possibly a bit of a gossip, but also an experienced midwife

Ensemble 4 (Male)

Duncan – half-blind, poor judge of character, possibly misogynistic

MacDuff – visibly in love with Lady Macduff, deeply ethical, loyal, requires stage fighting

Ensemble 5 (Open)

Malcolm – spoiled older brother, the apple of Duncan’s half-blind eye, possibly cowardly – also a bully to his brother and others

3rd Murderer – mysterious spy, requires stage fighting

Ensemble 6 (Open)

Donalbain – younger son of Duncan, kind, helpful

Fleance – a bit of an imp, but sulky when scolded, quick on his feet

Young Siward – serious, idealistic, close relationship with old Siward, a newcomer to battle, not as good he wants to be, requires stage fighting

Ensemble 7 (Male)

Macbeth – The rough lover of Lady Macbeth, melancholy, paranoid, stoic, requires stage fighting

Foe 2 – cowardly thug, requires stage fighting

Ensemble 8 (Male)

Sergeant (Seyton) – Enlisted man, lower class, fighting suits him, knows his place in the world and proud of it, requires stage fighting

Porter – Should not be played like a classic drunk, desperately trying to appear sober but without filter

Ensemble 9 (Male)

Banquo – congenial, reliable, astute, wary: as a ghost silent, menacing, and condemning, requires stage fighting

Foe 1 – aggressive, fierce, treacherous, requires stage fighting

Old Siward – Experienced warhorse, commander, solid, measured

Ensemble 10 (Open)

Ross (Lennox) – younger kinsman to Macduff, charming, tactful, diplomatic, and a loyal countryman

Ensemble 11 (Female)

Lady Macbeth – Passionate, domineering, superstitious – and eventually haunted by nightmares.

Ensemble 12 (Female)

Lady Macduff – This role has been pre-cast.

Swing 1/Understudy (Male) - Will be expected to learn major male roles in addition to roles listed,

Menteith - a gentleman and an officer, requires stage fighting and dancing

Swing 2/Understudy (Female) - Will be expected to learn major female roles, requires stage fighting

Lady Menteith - a gracious, clever, and demure lady, requires dancing

Angus - a steadfast soldier, requires stage fighting

Performance Dates: Thursday, September 8 (Free Preview Performance) Performance 8 pm - 10 pm. Pioneer Farms

Friday, September 9 (Ticketed Performance) Performance 8 pm-10 pm. Pioneer Farms Saturday September 10 (Ticketed Performance) Performance 8pm-10pm. Pioneer Farms

Sunday, September 11(Ticketed Performance) Performance 5 pm-7 pm. Pioneer Farms

Thursday, September 15 (Possible Performance site at another site)

Friday, September 16 (Ticketed Performance) Performance 8 pm-10 pm. Pioneer Farms

Saturday, September 17 (Ticketed Performance) Performance 8 pm-10 pm. Pioneer Farms

Sunday, September 18 (Ticketed Performance) Performance 5 pm-7 pm. Pioneer Farms

Wednesday, September 21 (Ticketed Performance) Performance 8 pm-10 pm. Pioneer Farms

Thursday, September 22 (Ticketed Performance) Performance 8 pm-10 pm. Pioneer Farms

Friday September 23 (Ticketed Performance) Performance 8pm-10pm. Pioneer Farms

Saturday, September 24 (Possible Performance at another site)

Sunday, September 25 (Ticketed Performance) Performance 5 pm-7 pm. Pioneer Farms

There will also be an abbreviated daytime educational performance that will be scheduled according to the availability of the actors, and the needs of the participating schools.

Rehearsal Dates: Rehearsals will begin in late July and run through the beginning of the show in September. Rehearsals will be 2-4 weeknights per week and 1 daytime on the weekend per week and will be scheduled according to the needs of the cast and the director. We are very judicious with actor time, and you will not be called to a rehearsal and not be involved in the action.

For any questions please email us here.

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