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Pay your five sous!

Updated: Apr 7

French ecu coin worth 5 sous

French ecu coin worth 5 sous

The play Cyrano de Bergerac begins with a loud argument at the door of the theater.

PORTER (pursuing them): Hey there! Pay your five sous!

A PALACE GUARD: I get in free!

PORTER: And why is that?

A PALACE GUARD: I am a Palace Guard!

PORTER (to another pair of gentlemen who enter): You?



FIRST MUSKETEER: I’m a musketeer.

The sous coin was also called a sol in 17th century France. Here is a photograph of 1/12 Ecu coin (worth 10 sol ) from the reign of (1643-1715). This would have been the perfect payment for yourself and friend to enjoy a night at the theater at the Hôtel Bourguignon where the first act of Cyrano takes place.

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