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Meet our Le Bret, Michael Rodriguez

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Michael Rodriguez Headshot.jpg

Today we have the pleasure of introducing our castmate Michael Rodriguez. Michael will be playing Cyrano’s best friend Le Bret in our upcoming “Cyrano de Bergerac” in September. Michael was completely stunning in auditions because he came in with all of the audition sides memorized. For Director/Translator Jennifer Rose Davis, this was the first time that she had heard her work truly performed, and the experience was deeply moving. Michael brings a depth and kindness to both his on-stage and off-stage interactions that is a true joy to work with.

Michael graduated from of the University of Tampa double majoring in Film and English Literature. His parents are very kind to have allowed this. He's appeared in a handful of plays around Austin including City Theatre's production of “Playhouse Creatures,” Sam Bass Theatre's “Inga Binga & Flaming Idiots,”Bottle Alley Theatre's “Wraith Radio,” and Mercurial Theatre's “The Colour Out of Space &Call of Cthulhu.” He recently co-produced and performed in a feature film with Thirty Thousand Feet Productions titled Austin Weird that he highly recommends you check out.

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