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Man of Destiny Meet the Cast: Michael Rodriguez as Napoleon Bonaparte

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

MichaelRodriguez Headshot.jpg


For this week's Meet the Cast, we wanted to introduce the man behind "The Man of Destiny."

Michael Rodriguez has been with The Archive Theater since the beginning and he is famous for walking into every audition with his sides memorized cold. In fact in his very first audition for "Cyrano de Bergerac" he made us all weep with a passionate and performance ready rendition of Cyrano's "Non, Merci!" speech.

We loved having Michael as Le Bret in Cyrano, and we are even more thrilled to have him dominating the stage as our Napoleon Bonaparte in "The Man of Destiny."

Michael is a graduate of the University of Tampa studying film and English Literature. He's lived in Austin for four years and has appeared in a number of local productions including City Theatre's Playhouse Creatures, Sam Bass Theatre's Inga Binga & Flaming Idiots, Bottle Alley Theatre's Wraith Radio, and Mercurial Theatre's The Colour Out of Space & Call of Cthulhu. He recently co-produced and performed in a feature film with Thirty Thousand Feet Productions titled Austin Weird that he highly recommends you check out.

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