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A Day of Quiet in Remembrance

Updated: Apr 7, 2023


We are having a day of quiet and remembrance here at The Archive Theater. We were together blocking scenes for Cyrano when we heard about the fire at Notre Dame in Paris yesterday and it touched us deeply because we both have had the joy of personally connecting to that beautiful place.

As we watched and feared with the rest of the world, the words flowed out of us.

In sacramental blood and salt tears I remember you.

I met you in my youth In your light-dappled, echoing forests of stone My laughter mingled with your choir’s motifs As they practiced and I played. The colors of your soul painted me, Sliding over my arms Illuminating every lifted hair Turning my eyes to fiery pinwheels And my hair-cloak to seraphic wings.

I met you in my age Creeping shoulder to shoulder and heel to toe with the masses. Human corpuscles: The mortal blood within your holy body. Up, always looking up At the eternity above us Held endlessly suspended by The thinnest thread of fate… Now broken.

Ashes to ashes. Stone to dust. Have mercy on us.

Jennifer Rose Davis 4-15-2019

NOTRE DAME What was beautiful, what was moving, what was strong, passes and lives on:

Even after many tears memories transcend the years.

g. e. martt 4-15-19

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