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Cyrano de Bergerac Auditions

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

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Auditions for Cyrano de Bergerac

Co-produced by The Archive Theater and The Austin Scottish Rite Theater

Paris in the 17th century is a city of self-indulgence, elegant banter, lust and love. In the midst of this splendor and seduction, Cyrano de Bergerac stands alone in his ugliness, intelligence, and aesthetic lifestyle… until he too falls in love. This classic play by Edmund Rostand comes to life in a new, fast-paced, funny translation and exquisite production by Jennifer Rose Davis.

Auditions will consist of readings from the script. Sides will be made available to all actors after they make an audition appointment. Auditions will be held at The Scottish Rite Theater at 207 West 18thStreet, Austin Texas 78701. There is limited parking behind the theater, and coin metered street parking nearby

CONTACT: Jennifer Davis, Director, email:, Phone 512-923-2387.

SHOW DATES: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday matinee. September 5th- 29th, 2019. Industry night TBD. Rehearsals will take place in late July and August

AUDITION DATES: Friday Jan 25 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm, Saturday Jan 26th 9:00 am - 8:00 pm, Sunday Jan 27th9:00 am – 6:00 pm.

AUDITION LOCATION: The Scottish Rite Theater at 207 West 18thStreet, Austin Texas 78701.

AUDITION TIMES: Please contact Jennifer Davis to set up a specific audition time.

AUDITION REQUIREMENTS: Actors will be sent sides from the script to prepare when they make an audition appointment. Please bring 1 copy each of your headshot and resume if you have them.

CASTING: 20-25 people. No roles are pre-cast. A stipend will be paid to all actors.

Individual Roles - Individual roles will require extensive memorization. Many of them will also require a mastery of stage combat.

Cyrano – Poet, swordsman, writer, philosopher, soldier, and musician: The most exquisite gentleman in all the world, but cursed with the physical deformity of an unusually large nose and excess of pride.

Christian – A young man just come to Paris to join Cyrano regiment who meets and falls in love with Roxanne.

Roxanne – Cyrano’s beautiful cousin: rich, witty, and courted by many in Paris society.

Le Bret – Cyrano’s best friend and fellow soldier. Often, he is voice of reason and moderation in the play.

The Comte De Guiche – Womanizer, the perfect Courtier, Nephew to Cardinal Richelieu. The man who has everything.

Ragueneau – A baker in Paris who loves Poetry and Theater. A friend and admirer of Cyrano.

Ensemble Roles - Ensemble members will play multiple roles throughout the play. The ensemble is very important in this translation, and is on stage for a majority of the play.

Lignière – A drunken poet Viscount De Valvert – An aristocratic Bully First Marquis – An outrageous aristocrat Second Marquis - Another outrageous aristocrat Montfleury – An aging star of the theater Bellerose – A theater manager Jodelet – a comedy star Cuigy – a French officer Brissaille - another French office First Musketeer – A soldier attending the Theater Second Musketeer – Another soldier attending the Theater The Porter – The Theater attendant and gatekeeper A Citizen – A bourgeois busybody The Citizen’s Son – a young boy A Pick-Pocket – a shifty and sly individual. Bertrandou Le Fifre – The Fifer for Cyrano’s regiment The Friar – a comical interfering messenger The Duenna– Roxanne’s aging chaperone. Lise – Ragueneau’s no-nonsense wife. The Food Seller – a young woman Mother Marguerite De Jésus – An Abess for the Convent Sister Marthe – a young nun Sister Claire – another young nun And many more…

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