We exist as a theater company because of the deep network of the people who give of themselves
to help us create art. We are truly grateful for the caring and support of all of our friends, donors,
volunteers, and reciprocal relationships and choose to publicly recognize them in everything we do.

Our Donors

Heros ($2500+)

Benefectors ($1000+)

James Barnes and Jennifer Davis, Joe Falocco, Garrison Martt, Joe Stephenson

Sponsors ($500+)

Patrons ($250+)

Carrie Casey, Dave and Maureen Martinez, Michael Meigs and CTX Live Theatre, C. Robert Stevens

Partners ($100+)

Colleen Rose Doyle, Cynthia Gonzales, Steve and Angelina Hendricks, Lisa Jones, Patrice Sarath, Nancy Stephenson.

Members ($50+)

Nathan and Melissa Jerkins, Buffy and Ian Manners

Friends ($10+)

Tom and Karen Davis, Ana Mejia-Dietche, J. Garry Peters, Liberty Pfeil, Steven Price, Victoria Schwarz, Patrick David Wheeler

In-Kind Donations

Cory Krug, Dave and Maureen Martinez, David Watson,


Cory Krug, David Watson

Municipal Grants & Corporate Sponsorships

Reciprocal Relationships